Choose your way to play

Collection of Animated chessboard

Find a large collection of chessboards in totally unique and breathtaking universes. Each one designed on very well-known themes, films, video games, ... associated with a unique sound environment and artistic direction ! Make your choice among this collection, unlock the 6 pieces of the chessboard then face your friends and your opponents in your favorite universe !

The Tavern
The Tavern
Fire Lands
Fire Lands
Ice Lands
Ice Lands
Christmas 2020
Christmas 2020
Abandoned House
Abandoned House
Victorian Manor
Victorian Manor

Learn and improve your skills


Tutorials are available to help you understand the game's features. These tutorials will also help you learn the basics of chess so that you won't be lost during your first games. You can find them at any time and practice before you start.

Lessons & Instructors

Are you a professional chess player who likes to share his knowledge? Unlock the Instructor role and create lessons that players can view on your profile. You will be able to give specific access to your lessons to get rewards from the players who follow you!

Spectators & replay mode

All games played in MCO are archived for life and linked to a unique ID. Thanks to the spectator mode you can participate in real-time in the different games in progress. When a game is over you can access its replay or share it with your friends!

Game modes

Learn to play chess and find your happiness in the different game modes. Customized games, against the AI, "Ranked" or "Normal" modes, puzzles, fun modes, and tournaments will help you reach your goal! Become the best player in the world!

Casuals, pros... Find your goals

Achievements and quests

Impress your friends with the collection of achievements that you have completed! These will help you unlock exclusive content and earn rewards! Each day, complete a quest that will earn you experience and lots of gold coins!


Use your gold coins and diamonds to get portraits, chess pieces, and chests all available in 4 rarity levels: Common, Uncommon, Epic, and Legendary! Will you be able to fill your collection of portraits and chess boards?


Each player has two ELOs, one ELO in Blitz mode and one in Classic mode. You just have to play in Ranked mode to increase your ELO and unlock the 14 ranks available in MCO. Progress from the "Novice 4" rank to the prestigious "World Championship Contender" rank!

MCO World Championship

Every year, a world championship will be organized by Magic Chess Online! All players who have achieved the "World Championship Contender" rank in Blitz mode or Classic mode will be able to participate in the tournament. Qualifications will take place online then the finalists will have the chance to participate in a grand final which will take place in a large theater with a big reward ! Will you be the next World Champion of MCO ?

Play with your friends Or your community

Social features

Add your friends to your friends list and compete against them in custom games ! You can also chat with them and watch them play live thanks to the spectator mode.


Join your favorite club! Share your experience, compete and challenge the members of your club. Improve your skills and build together the best community!

Streamer tools

You are a streamer and you want to play MCO. We are aware that sharing with your community is important, it is for this reason that we integrate several features dedicated to streaming!

Modernity in chess game

Connected Chessboard

Thanks to connected chess boards, you will be able to face MCO players in your living room on a connected and automated chess board!

Voice Recognition

Unleash the magic of Magic Chess Online! Use voice command to move your pieces like a real wizard!

Virtual Reality

Put on your headset and the magic begins. Dive into one of the chessboard universes, enjoy the landscape around you and be at the forefront of every battle!

Development Roadmap


Main Features Development


Q1 - 2023

Season chess sets creation

Rework UI / Cross-board system

Chessboards selection V2

Spectate/replay mode V2

Thematic chessboards shop

Custom games V2

Social features (chat - shop)

Chess Pass menu

Season Pass contents


Early Q3 - 2023

Rewards Ranked system

Marketplace menu

First season chess sets integration


End Q3 - 2023

Light mobile version

Tournament manager V2

Learning Platform

Forge menu

Voice command


Game statistics menu

Connected chessboard interface


End Q4 - 2023

Light mobile version

Staking menu

4 Fun modes

Clubs features

Contest chess for the creator

Advance spectate mode

3 thematic chess sets