Choose your own adventure!

Posted on 11/09/22 in Game

Magic Chess online is an interactive chess game which puts the different pieces of your chess sets in a unique environment. Throughout the game, you will have several objectives to reach. These objectives will allow you to improve your chess collection, develop your skills and earn a lot of rewards. Unlock levels, complete quests and become the greatest chess master.


In Magic Chess Online you will find a large collection of avatars. Avatars are pictures that you can unlock throughout the game by completing objectives, reaching a certain rank during tournaments or reaching a certain level in the Chess Pass. After unlocking an avatar, you can directly purchase it (with gold coins or cryptocurrencies) and add it to your collection. Before a game, insert the avatar that will represent you and make it visible to all players.


Achievements are challenges to perform during your games. They concern several game modes and vary according to your rank. For example, you may be required to open 5 chests or reach level 12 to unlock the challenge. You can earn gold coins and unlock many avatars by completing the different challenges. The achievements don't give you the same number of gold coins. So, you need to complete as many as possible to unlock the avatar of your choice!


Every day you will be proposed new quests. Quests are challenges that will move you forward in the game. For example, you may be required to play 5 ranked games in Blitz mode to complete the quest. Thanks to these quests, you will be able to increase your gold coins. But be careful, only 3 quests will be available at the same time.


In this game, there are 2 game modes: Classic mode and Blitz mode.

The "Classic" mode defines a time limit of 30 minutes for each player.

The "Blitz" mode defines a time limit of 5 minutes for each player.

Both Classic and Blitz modes can be played in Normal or Ranked.

If a player wins a game in ranked mode, his (or her) ELO increases according to his (or her) own and the opponent's ELO. If a player loses a game in Ranked mode, his (or her) ELO decreases according to his (or her) own and opponent's ELO.

In Magic Chess Online, there are 14 ranks for each mode (Classic and Blitz), based on the player's ELO:

  1. Novice 4
  2. Novice 3
  3. Novice 2
  4. Novice 1
  5. Class D
  6. Class C
  7. Class B
  8. Class A
  9. Expert
  10. Candidate Master (CM)
  11. Master
  12. International Master (IM)
  13. Grand Master (GM)
  14. World Championship Contender


Magic Chess Online offers a large collection of chess sets. The goal is to periodically add new and unique chess sets for players to collect.

In this game you will find two types of chess sets:

Thematic chess sets: these sets are available in limited quantities. Every 3 months, new thematic chess sets will be created in partnership with licenses (from movies and series, video games, ...). To unlock them, you just have to buy them in the store with tokens.

Season chess sets: these "seasonal" chess sets will be created for Chess Pass. They will include 6 pieces and a unique chess board and will only be available for 3 months. To get this set, you just need to open chests. A random piece or board is hidden inside each chest.

All chess pieces and their boards can be converted into NFTs that players can freely resell on the marketplace. Before each game, the player can select/exchange the pieces he wants to play with and choose a chessboard.


Each Chess Pass has a duration of 3 months before you can generate a new one. With a Chess Pass, you can unlock exclusive content, chests, earn gold coins and complete your seasonal chess collection. The more you play Magic Chess Online, the more experience you will gain. It’s this experience that will make you progress in the Chess Pass.

Many objectives waiting for you in MCO! The more you achieve your goals, the more rewards you will get and the more you will progress in the game. Develop your skills, collect chess boards and become the Grand Master of Magic Chess Online.