How to activate your game key ?

Posted on 10/17/20 in Game

Activation of a key

Wondering how to activate the key of an Early Access pack that you have in your possession? Perfect, you've come to the right place! In this page, we have detailed all the steps necessary to activate the key.

The activation procedure consists of two stages.

Open the launcher

The activation of a key is done from the launcher. To do this, it is therefore necessary to open it and connect to the account with which you want to associate the key!


  • Keys purchased by an account are not linked to purchase accounts. The final link only occurs when the key is activated in the launcher.
  • It is possible to activate several keys on the same account inside the launcher but only one key per type of pack (ie 4 keys at most). In the latter case, the difference in exclusive content will be given back but none of the rewards will be doubled. On the other hand, the diamonds of all the packs will be added and credited to your account.

Once connected to the launcher, you must click on "Recover".

Either from the Home page:

News page

Either from the game page directly, here:


Activate the key

After pressing the "Recover" button, the window below appears, all you have to do is enter the key in the dedicated field.


An error can occur when validating the key if:

  • the key does not exist
  • the associated purchase has been refunded
  • if you have already activated a key of the same type of pack (one key per pack and per account authorized)

PS: Many translation issues are still present in the launcher and we are sorry. Magic Chess Online is not the editor of the launcher (Xsolla is the editor), we are not able to make the corrections as quickly as we would like, thank you for your understanding.

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