Join the MCO Closed Beta!

Posted on 10/14/20 in General

Join the MCO Closed Beta!

Welcome ! It's official, the Closed Beta of MCO begins in December 2020! Do you want to join the Closed Beta?


Then you are on the right article! In this article, we'll answer several questions:

  • Why join the Closed Beta?
  • Are the rewards associated with the Early Access packs available during the Closed Beta?
  • Will a wipe of accounts take place?
  • What is the roadmap for the Closed Beta?
  • How to join the Closed Beta?

Why join the Closed Beta?

Magic Chess Online will be, from the Open Beta, a Free To Play and multiplatform game (Launcher (Windows), Steam, Android, iOS). The Closed Beta therefore allows us to stabilize the game, size the servers but also to take into account your criticisms in order to develop our game in a positive way.

Without the support of our testers, we would not be able to see a positive evolution of the game. It is for this reason that each tester gets, depending on the level of their early access, permanent exclusive rewards as well as a certain amount of diamonds.

The Tavern

Are the rewards associated with the Early Access packs available during the Closed Beta?

Yes, all diamonds associated with the Early Access pack as well as the permanent exclusive rewards will be available upon activation of the key. In addition, these will be returned in full when going into Open Beta, so you can use them without fear from the Closed Beta.

Does an accounts wipe take place before launch?

Yes, indeed, a wipe will take place just before going into Open Beta.

  • However, the rewards associated with the purchases of Early Access packs or in-game purchases will be given back in full after the wipe.
  • In addition, a reservation of the nicknames used during the Closed Beta will also be possible for the transition to Open Beta.
  • Finally, the ranking reached in the Ranked "Blitz" and "Classic" modes will be used as a basis to determine the starting ranking in Open Beta if the latter is to the advantage of the player.

2020-10-13 10_34_28-Magic Chess Online - Closed Alpha

What is the Closed Beta roadmap?

First of all, as you must have noticed on the website, the Closed Beta is divided into three phases. The goal of these phases is to allow a controlled arrival of players thus permatting the good sizing of the servers as well as the correction of possible major bugs.

I will re-detail the major differences of these three phases.

Phase 1 is only available to Early Access packs of "Legendary" level. The servers, although accessible to everyone, will, during this phase, be geographically in Europe. The keys to these packs can be purchased directly on this website. In addition, throughout this first phase, a good number of "Legendary" keys will also be up for grabs on our social networks, through our newsletter, our discord and our communication actions, so stay tuned!

After achieving good game and server stability during phase 1, we will move on to phase 2 . The goal here is to be able to test the servers on a higher level. During this phase 2, access will open, in addition to the "Legendary" packs, to the "Epic" level Early Access packs, which can be purchased only on the website. A good number of keys will also be sent in the same way as during phase 1. We will also install servers outside of Europe to be able to offer a balanced gaming experience to all international players.

Finally, after installing the servers internationally, we will move on to the last phase of the Closed Beta, phase 3 . During this phase, access will be open to the 4 Early Access packs. The goal here is to prepare the servers for the Open Beta. This phase is also a bit special because a Steam version will also be available in "Early Access" at the same price as the "Common" level pack on the website (the latter will be available on iOS and Windows). An "Early Access" version of the first mobile version will also be available.

In-game features will also be added and developed throughout the Closed Beta but will not be detailed here.

Following this Closed Beta, the game will then be free to play on all of our platforms:

  • website
  • steam
  • android
  • iOS

2020-10-13 10_28_16-Magic Chess Online - Closed Alpha

How to join the Closed Beta?

There are several ways to join the Closed Beta.

First, the purchase of an Early Access pack. This allows you to guarantee quick access depending on the level of the pack and the current Closed Beta phase.

Then, several keys will be up for grabs throughout the Closed Beta in the form of contests on all of our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Discord). So pay attention to what happens on them!

Finally, during communication actions (streamers, tournaments, events, ...), we will offer several keys! So remember to stay tuned to our news to be informed and be able to participate.

So you have understood, beyond the purchase of an Early Access pack, the easiest way to obtain a key is to create an account on our website (for the newsletter) and to us follow on all of our social networks, and it's free!

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