Magic Chess Online, an eSport game

Posted on 11/16/22 in Game

The eSport designates the competitions of video games on consoles or computers. It was born thanks to the emergence of multiplayers online games. Every year, the best players in the world meet for an international championship to compete on the most popular games. You will find the same competitive spirit in Magic Chess Online. Indeed, we want to bring forward the sporting side of chess. You may have heard of Ronaldo or Nadal, but have you heard of Magnus Carlsen? They are the best players in their field, but their notoriety is totally different. Currently, there is little visibility given to chess. Our goal is to change mentalities by modernizing the game to make it more attractive to everyone.


Players are bring forward

It is rare to find a video game that allows you to organize a large tournament yourself. With Magic Chess Online this is possible. Thanks to the tournament manager available in the game, you can create a tournament (number of participants, rounds, etc.) which is managed automatically (sending invitations, rewards, etc.). As great competitors, we want to push players, whatever their level, to fight against each other, to self-evaluate and to compare themselves with one goal: improve their skills.

The spectate mode

To give even more spirit of competition, why not have fans watching the game in real-time? During each game, you can join or be joined by "spectators". These spectators will be able to observe the movements in real-time or to go back in time to not miss anything of the game.

Two modes are available:
Time mode: allows you to watch the game with a time bar.

Round mode: allows you to watch the game move by move without considering the time of each turn.

You will be able to view the games using 3 camera modes: free camera, classic camera and cinematic camera. Games are also saved at the end of each game. You will be able to access the game replay with the unique ID of the game.


By joining a club, you can share information, communicate with members, compare your ranking and challenge each other! You also can compete with members of other clubs to take your community to the top! Each club has a score based on the ELO of its best players. Help your club to fight opponents and to develop its notoriety.


How can we talk about eSports without talking about a big annual championship? The goal of this world championship is to concretize Magic Chess Online’s vision. We will receive the participants in a prestigious place to make a legendary show. A great show that will bring together all the players to find out THE great champion of Magic Chess Online. Every year, players from all over the world will have the opportunity to qualify and participate. At the end of this great tournament, the winner will receive a grand prize.

For this occasion, the media from all over the world will be present to communicate all the information in real-time and not miss anything about this memorable event.

Enjoy the adventure and reveal your inner competitor with Magic Chess Online!