Welcome to the MCO website!

Posted on 01/03/22 in General

Welcome to the new Magic Chess Online site also called MCO!


A single page site had already existed for a few months on which you could subscribe to the newsletter. If you subscribed to it, then you must have received an email to alert you of the availability of this brand new website.

This site contains everything you need to know about Magic Chess Online:

  • game features
  • the development roadmap
  • the influence program
  • a gallery of images and videos
  • user account management (identical to the one in game)
  • the possibility of obtaining early access
  • and many others...


Do not hesitate to browse all the pages to discover what is hidden behind the three letters of MCO.

Finally, do not forget to register on the website and follow us on social networks, it's free and it allows you to stay informed of MCO news but also to have a chance to win early access keys for the Closed Beta.

Enjoy your discovery and see you soon in Magic Chess Online!