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Play when you want and where you want! On the road, abroad, or at home, continue your progress on your mobile, your pc, or our launcher. Improve your performance all the time with Magic Chess Online!

2D & 3D Views

Choose between a strategic view or a spectacular view. Throughout the game, you will have the possibility to change views and switch between 2D view and 3D view. So, do you prefer a fantastique universe or a classic chess game?

Animated Chessboards

Do you want to play on the chessboard of your favorite universe or simply collect all the chessboards available? You just have to unlock the 6 pieces of the chessboard to be able to select it!

Different modes

Learn to play chess and find your happiness in the different game modes. Customized games, against the AI, "Ranked" or "Normal" modes, puzzles, fun modes, and tournaments will help you reach your goal! Become the best player in the world!

Ranked modes

Are you competitive and like challenges? Ranked modes were created for you! Both Classic and Blitz modes are available in ranked mode. Can you reach the rank of World Championship Contender?

Tournament manager

Organize a tournament where you want and when you want! You have only one thing to do: set it up. The rest will be fully automated by MCO (automatic invitations, bracket updates, rankings,...)!

World Championship

Do you dream of becoming one of the best chess players in the world? Participate in a final played in a big theater with a big cash prize? Every year, you will have to qualify and reach the final of the world championship!


You have never played chess and you are afraid of getting lost on MCO? Don't worry, we have created tutorials so you can understand the rules and improve your skills!

Lessons & Instructors

You are a professional chess player and want to give your knowledge to all MCO players. Thanks to an in-game editor, you will be able to create courses that players will consult while rewarding you.

Spectators & replay mode

All games played in MCO are archived for life and linked to a unique ID. You will be able to watch them live, share them with your community, and see again them whenever you want.

Connected Chessboard

Thanks to connected chess boards, you will be able to face MCO players in your living room on a connected and automated chess board!

Voice Recognition

Unleash the magic of Magic Chess Online! Use voice command to move your pieces like a real wizard!

Virtual Reality

Put on your headset and the magic begins. Dive into one of the chessboard universes, enjoy the landscape around you and be at the forefront of every battle!

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